Finishing Touches & Moving back in

The floor has been prepped with paper in preperation for the spray painting of the foam insulation and the rafters.

Ray started the spraying the intumescent paint.

It certainly doesn't pay to take photos when there is paint in the air even though you can't see it floating.

Is this a space man? No, it's Christian just suiting up to take over the painting.

Marcos doing some last minute sanding.

The well dressed painter in the latest safety gear.

Marcos is covering the power panel. The man door on the right of the picture has already been covered

The white paint covering the yellow foam really brightens the room.

Christian is spraying while Marcos holds the portable scaffolding.BR>

The under roof and rafters have been painted. A cheaper paint is used on the walls which had to be done because the fiberglass covering was itchy to bare skin.

This is most of the stuff that had been left outside for 2 weeks while the work on the shop was in the work stages.

The boxes have been uncovered preparatory to getting moved inside.

All the stuff is packed in on the west half of the building going all the way to the rafters.

My exercise equipment is set up in the back of the living area. My $25 dining booth is set up to the right of the man-door, the beds are on the left.

The sleeping area--one bed for me and one bed for the dogs. Sometimes they go to the other bed.

My dining booth is set up and is now my new study area.

This is my walk-in closet next to my exercise area.

David's 'new' computer station not ready for him yet.

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