September 24, 2008

A cleaned up Marcos, our main man for spraying shotcrete. Wish I could have gotten a picture before he cleaned up.

Cement dust from spraying fills the air.

Ray hauls the rebound to a section of the yard we wanted concreted anyway.

Spreading it out and smoothing it down.

The rebound gets taken to this area where it is shoveled/pushed through this small hole.

People move too fast for my poor digital camera in such a dark environment.

This one shovels the rebound as it comes through the hole and throws it into the bobcat bucket.

Today they are cleaning up not only the rebound but the plastic as well. I don't think there was much left of the plastic anyway.

The last pile of rebound.

Marcos has beat off the shotcrete around the metal frame of the openings.

Resting at the end of a hard day.

The guys had fun beating on the opening areas like beating on a drumskin knocking off the shotcrete to let in much needed light.

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