More Work on the Shop

Getting set up for the concrete cap over the original floor.

Christian and Marcos show two Home Depot Parking Lot Specials the fine poins of spraying shotcrete on a floor.

Marcos is the one in the rubber boots. He knew how to dress for the job.

Christian re-e-aching for the scree chairs.

Christian smoothing the indentation made by the removed the scree chair.

This shows where the original had to be broken down because it was too high in relation to the rest of the floor.

Sam the driver of the cement truck that brought 8.5 yards of concrete for the shop floor.

Wow! a smooth floor!

Doing the final smoothing.

Smoothing the floor

The new man-door sure fits better than the original one.

Christian made scraping the foam off the studs look so-o-o easy. He let me try. Sure made it easier to fork over all that money for labor!

Chris is scraping the foam off the 2x4 studs so the drywall will fit correctly.

The metamorphasis of a 30+ year old building. This a/c unit is on the south wall.

The window that used to look out on the duck pond is now foamed over with an opening for a small 5,000 BTU air conditioner.

Christian marking and nailing the drywall in place.

Ray had to build the wall out to attach parts of the garage door to.

Our new garage door

The garage door open

Christian is spraying the sealer on the floor that David wanted.

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